5 Reasons Why Brides Should Never Plan Their Own Wedding

Planning your own wedding can be a nightmare. I have 5 good reasons why brides-to-be should hire a wedding planner instead.

Not Using Their Voice

As a bride you will feel timid and afraid of offending someone, hurting someone’s feeling, sounding bossy, etc. During a meeting with vendors, it is important to ask vendors questions and express your vision to determine whether you both are a good match or not. Brides often do not feel comfortable enough to address the concern or ask for clarification. Ultimately, by not using their voice, they might end up with a few vendors that may not have been the best fit.

Taking Too Many DIY Projects

If the brides have a tight budget for their wedding, they will opt to do a lot of things themselves. While hand-making the centerpieces, welcome bags, etc fun and economical; the truth is that it can add to the stress of the planning process and took a lot out of your budget.

Comparing and Becoming Confused

It is normal for the brides to visit dozens of blogs for inspiration and ideas; the only problem is that it will give them a hard time in making decisions, sticking to them, and then being satisfies about them. By continuously browsing resources, you will continuously change your mind, and probably adding those ideas to your DIY list.

Not Hiring a Planner

Brides tend to oversee the value of hiring a wedding planner. Your wedding is clearly the first experience as a bride, and it can get overwhelming and confusing and daunting. Having a professional by your side can provide you with a sigh of relief.

They Forget to Enjoy

Unfortunately, brides don’t get to experience the fun it could be to plan a wedding. Your engagement and wedding planning is a special time of your life which should be remembered as joyful and fun.

I hope you all will be able to avoid making these mistakes.

Good Luck!